WoO 50
(in F Major)

As far as Beethoven research knows, it should take a few years before Beethoven would make another attempt at composing a piano sonata.  In the meantime, he would finish his court apprenticeship in 1784, find employment at the Bonn Court as assistant organist to Christian Gottlob Neefe, and, in the spring of 1787, he would travel to Vienna and have to return to Bonn all too soon, for reasons we are already familiar with from our Biographical Pages.  After the death of his mother in the summer of 1787, he would still have to deal with its aftermath, before Thayer would later be in a position to report the following:

"From Schiedermair's list of compositions and fragments that were composed in Bonn, (34) we find that the following have not been included so far in our text:

1. A Sonata movement and a sketch of an Allegretto in F which (along with a copy of Schubart's "Auf, auf ihr Brüder!" in E-flat) was written out for Wegeler. From the autograph in the Wegeler collection at Coblenz, a facsimile has been published in Leopold Schmidt's Beethoven Briefe (1908)" (Thayer: 129-130

Thayer discusses this work again, as follows:

"The compositions of the later Bonn years should be listed together as a unit: 1786-92:


1789-90 Sonatina for Pianoforte in F major, WoO 50" (Thayer: 131).

Thus, Thayer describes this work as having been composed around 1789-90, while Grove only mentions that this little work was very likely written before 1793.

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The Unheard Beethoven Website, WoO 50

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