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"Ludwig Van Beethoven


Developed by Ingrid Schwaegermann, this Web site is offered as a homage to one of the most beloved classical composers, Ludwig Van Beethoven. Far from just offering a smattering of platitudes on Beethoven, the site is divided into a biographical section, a picture gallery, an area dedicated to offering musician's comments on Beethoven's legacy, and a most splendid section that details the stories behind many of his works. The Creation Histories section is particularly enjoyable as visitors can learn about how Beethoven crafted each of his symphonies, where they were first performed, and how they were initially received. The biography pages are also detailed, beginning with a discussion of Beethoven's family life, continuing into his time as court apprentice, and moving on to his time in Bonn and Vienna. Additionally, the section dedicated to musicians' musings on Beethoven is quite lovely, with a piece by E.T.A. Hoffmann on Beethoven's instrumental music, and the late Yeduhi Menuhin's reflections on performing Beethoven's music. Not surprisingly, the contents of the site are also available in German. [KMG]" (Cited on Sept. 26, 2003).

Alliance for Lifelong Learning, University of Oxford Stanford University Yale University

"Beethoven: The Magnificent Master This extensive site created by Ingrid Schwaegerman includes a thorough biography, a complete works list, composition histories, and a consideration of Beethoven reception and criticism. The latter section includes English translations of contemporary reviews from the Leipzig Allgemeine musikalische Zeitung." (Cited on Sept. 26, 2003).

The Humbul Humanities Club, a service of the Resource Discovery Network funded by the Joint Information Systems Committee, the Arts and Humanities Research Board, hosted by the University of Oxford

"Ludwig Van Beethoven: The Magnificient Master is an internet resource, with versions in both English and German, dedicated to the provision of information relating to the eighteenth century German composer Ludwig Van Beethoven. The site, which is attractively designed and easily navigable, is organised into a range of categories which are accessible via a list of hyperlinks on the left hand side of the site's welcome page. In particular, the site offers an extensive and informative collection of biographical pages, detailing every stage of Beethoven's life and artistic activity and development. Also available is a list of Beethoven's works that is helpfully organised into compositional genres. Additionally, there are sections comprising large text documents pertaining to the creation histories of a wide range of Beethoven's most famous and revered works, as well as a section of expert comments by pianists, conductors, composers and music critics with respect to classical music in general and Beethoven. The menu bar to the left offers, in chronological order, links to a variety of pages. In sum: this is an invaluable web site for anyone with an interest in Beethoven." (Cited on Feb. 19, 2005).

Joyce Maier's Dutch Beethoven-Website

"Degene die specifieke studies zoekt, verwijs ik naar de Engels/Duitse website Beethoven, The Magnificent Master, alwaar men voor de belangrijkste muzikale genres aparte hoofdstukken kan aantreffen, die de ontstaansgeschiedenis uitgebreid bespreken, voorzien van een overzicht van de geraadpleegde literatuur, meestal in het Duits of Engels, welke literatuur gedeeltelijk ook in het Nederlands is vertaald." (Cited on Sept. 26, 2003).