Ludwig van Beethoven The Magnificent Master
Picture Gallery: Modern Beethoven Renditions



In this section we want to introduce you to some interesting modern Beethoven Renditions and start with two renditions by the American artist 






To this work, Paul Grech writes: "This first image is titled "Beethoven's 5th". It is an oil on canvas painting completed in 2003 that measures 30" x 40". As a fan of Beethoven's work, I had originally started this piece for myself, but it has since found a new home with my biggest collector. I have made limited-edition reproductions of this piece, which I offer signed and numbered."




To his second Beethoven rendition, the artist comments:  "The second image is "Beethoven's 9th", a larger oil on canvas painting that was also commissioned in 2003. It measures 48" x 60".  "Beethovens' 9th" occupied a large section of my studio for several months. The angels and nudes that construct his face are homage to the 4th movement of the composer's symphony, a sweeping choral movement referred to as the 'Ode to Joy'."



If you wish to contact the artist of the above modern Beethoven renditions in order to obtain copies of them, please contact him directly at his website Thank you!