Creation History and Overview:
Beethoven's Fidelio

Fidelio, Act II, Scene 3
Fresco by Moritz von Schwind

For this presentation of material to Beethoven's only opera Fidelio, we have expanded on our new mode of presentation and are introducing with it a new level of in-depth treatment of one particular Beethoven work.

It features a thorough creation history, a compilation of all three versions of the work in table form, a plot description in form of a combination of 'synopsis' and description of the musical content, the libretto text of the 'standard' 1814 version, a collection of comments and criticism of the work as these emerged in music history, a section on interesting topical links and a listing of sources used.

We hope that this thorough introduction to Beethoven's Fidelio provides you with many incentives for further study, listening experiences and, at best, lively stage performances!